Height: 5'10” Hair: Brown Weight: 210 lbs Eyes: Blue/Green





Generation Kill Dazed Marine Susanna White
Wild at Heart Lewis Nicholas Laughland
Diamonds Evan Denmont Andy Wilson
Krakatoa Johannes Sam Miller
Feast of Uninvited Harry Walsh Katinka Heyns
Tartuffe Ensemble South Coast Repertory
A Christmas Carol Topper South Coast Repertory
CLUE Col. Mustard Mirror Theater
Mama Mia Ensemble, 1st u.s, Bill Big Concerts
Mein Soldat Duncan Thin Skin Productions
Grease Sonny The Barnyard Theater
Beauty Queen of Leenane Ray Dooley Actors Center
Don't Drink The Water Walter Bill Flynn
Alice in Wonderland Various Peoples Theater
Chicago Amos Heart Durban Theater
Technicolor Dreamcoat Joseph Durban Theater
Aladdin Abanazer Emperors Palace
Beauty and the Beast The Beast Peoples Theater
Rocky Horror Show Eddie & Dr Scott The Barnyard Theater
Winnie the Pooh Pooh Bear Peoples Theater
Noddy Mr Plodd Peoples Theater
Fortress Billy Wits Theater
First National Bank - National Boyfriend - Lead Fresh Water Films
Harley Davidson Cologne - National Male Lead Bouffant Films
Opel Auto - National Excited Customer - Lead Bouffant Films
Kellogs - All Brand - National Husband - Supporting Bouffant Films
Tastic Rice - National Grandson - Lead Fresh Eye Productions

Howard Fine Acting Studio, Groundlings, Lesley Kahn & Company, Kalmenson & Kalmenson (V.O.), SCR Acting Intensive Program, Joanne DeNaut (Audition Fundamentals), Hisa Takakuwa (Shakespeare), Greg Atkins (Improv), Karen Hensel & Hal Landon Jr. (Acting & Advanced Techniques), Richard Soto (Stage Combat) Lewis Smith (on camera).

South African Accent, UK Accents, Cricket, Rugby, Angry Bird Whistle

Singer: Baritone / Low Tenor

Movement: Martial Arts


You can download my resume(PDF) here.